Literature Racks

Modular Literature Racks

Literature racks in this category are heavy duty and can be disassembled for shipping. Great for retail locations, corporate receptions or outdoor road shows.

Victory Literature Rack Innovative Literature Rack Demonstrator Literature Rack 10 UP Literature Rack
Slim and attractive with two front facing pockets and snap together design, in black. 11 lbs
Stylish & practical with a modular design, breaks down into three parts. 18 lbs
Stylish acrylic holder, holds literature in top and bottom pockets.
100% steel construction, very solid, foot folds into back of system to flatten. 18 lbs


Collapsible Literature Racks

Collapsible literature racks expand and collapse easily to a small size for great portability.

Series 200 Literature Display Illusion Literature Rack Zedup Literature Rack Zedup Lite Literature Rack Literature Rack with Counter

Four tiered acrylic holder, sturdy chrome base, stores literature when not in use. 15 lbs


Single or double widths, silver or black, pre-load literature and collapse for easy transport, 19-31 lbs


Single or double widths & double side design creates more space, silver or black, 20-39 lbs


Lightweight version of the Zedup constructed from aluminum and plastic to reduce the weight. 20 lbs

Counter Top Literature Rack

Three brochure holders with counter on top. Collapsible into on small carrying case.


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