Memorable Products

Memorable Products

memorable products

When it comes to marketing, budgets greatly differ. For small companies, $200 can be a huge spend, while to mid and larger companies $200 is a drop in the bucket. Then comes the question: How to best spend any hard earned marketing dollars where it will be most valuable?

If you ask me, I’d say promotional products need to be toward the top of your list.

No matter how regularly technology and marketing changes, promotional products are a consistent medium to promote your brand and identity. Promotional products offer what so many mediums cannot; a tangible reminder of who you are.

While an advertisement on TV or social media is quickly forgotten, a business card can get lost or accidentally thrown away, a practical promotional product is used multiple times; allowing your potential customer to be exposed to your brand several times without paying for each impression.

Think of this: A TV advertisement lasts approximately 30 seconds, then another commercial follows (and another, and another, etc.); diluting your brand in the memory of your audience. Now, think of a pen and its lifetime…

A pen can be used hundreds of times before its ink runs out, allowing your brand exposure to be in the forefront of your customer (or potential customer) multiple times throughout a day.

Personally, I have a handful of writing instruments on my desk; I like how they write and they don’t give me troubles. While I don’t read the logo or contact info every time I write with one, I know that one pen is from a comedy club and the other is a personal trainer. I will refer to the pen by the name of the company; “can you grab me my Solid Fitness pen please?” That is what I’d call a successful marketing product because I am associating my enjoyable pen to a personal trainer that I can call out by name.

Not sure about this pen idea? Try it! Armed with the right promotional product, your brand will get better exposure than any other advertising medium out there for a fraction of the cost.