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From office supplies to apparel, and seasonal to executive gifts, Miriam Inc. has all the promotional products to say “thank you” to employees and clients, memorable giveaways and useful items that make your brand stand out.

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Lanyards, Keychains, & Carabiners
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Office Supplies
Totes & Lunch Bags
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Custom Mats
Totes and Lunchbags
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Custom Logo Mat
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What are Promotional Products?

Why use Promotional Products?

Promotional Products Instant Brand Recall
Promotional products are practical, entertaining or decorated products imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, slogan or message and given away. These products are kept by recipients, offering great exposure for the advertiser’s message. Products include wearables, office supplies, stress relievers, fitness products, drinkware and so much more!
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Simply put, beyond everything else, it’s the numbers. Promotional products are proven to be an effective marketing strategy in several ways: they reach greater numbers of people with more lasting impressions than other forms of advertising, and they are tangible and memorable for recipients.