Truss Display Booths

truss display booth

Truss trade show display booths hold large scale graphics in a unique industrial-looking, exposed steel frame. Depending on the size and configuration, Truss systems either fit into cases or require larger crates for shipping. This sturdy system has the strength to support and mount monitors, projectors, lights, product, artwork or an upstairs conference area.

  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Unique shapes and angles
  • Full color graphics
  • Attachable light options
  • Strong & functional
  • Display monitors
  • Shelves
  • Please contact us for pricing! 1-800-457-2369


    10 x 10 Truss Trade Show Display Examples We Offer

    10x10 truss trade show exhibit booth
    curved truss trade show display booth
    Truss display


    10 x 20 Display Examples

    truss backwall
    truss backwall with monitor
    double decker truss trade show display


    Island Trade Show Display Examples

    20x20 truss island display
    20x20 truss display
    20x20 island truss booth
    double decker truss with conference upstairs
    double decker truss trade show booth
    truss island display


    How To Setup a Truss Display

    Here is one example of how a Truss Display is setup:


    What Graphics Are Right For You?

    Truss display graphics are typically printed on laminated graphic panels. Let Miriam Inc. help you design the best graphics for your Truss. Don’t forget about accessories like podiums, monitor mounts and counters. Give us a call today: 1-800-457-2369


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