Monitors, Kiosks & Workstations

iPad and Monitor Workstation

At Miriam Inc. we offer a very wide variety of portable cabinets, counters, kiosks & information centers for your trade show display. Add function to any trade show display area with computer counters, conference tables, display case towers, monitor stands, kiosks, jewelry cases, reception counters, desks or towers. Our cabinets are affordable, portable, customizable, strong and easy to set up. Check out the examples below to gather some ideas for your space, then give us a call and let us know how we can help. 1-800-457-2369

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Display Counters

Display counters work great for trade shows, conferences and events. Showcase your product line in a locked case or store extra product or supplies in hidden storage areas. Counters are a great platform to welcome guests to your booth space and showcase you product.


Curved Counter with Shelf


Podium with Stand-Off Graphic Area


Counter and Display Case

globotech solo counter

Modular Multi Height Counter

globotech solo display case

Display Case

globotech solo counter 2

Dual Height Counter


Counter with Storage Space


Counter with Desk Area

case to counter conversion kit

Case to Counter Conversion Kit with Full Color Graphics


Tension Fabric Counters for Every Style


iPad / Tablet Stations

Tablets and iPads are a great way to showcase your platform, website or software at shows. Check out the options below to see what would enhance your booth space at your next trade show.


Tension Fabric iPad Stand


Tall Tension Fabric iPad Stand


Tension Fabric Monitor and Tablet Stand


Simple Black, Silver and White iPad / Tablet Stands


Tablet and iPad Stand with Full Color Graphics and Frame


Tablet and iPad Stand with Wing Graphics


SEG Graphics with Tablet or iPad Mount


Kiosks & Monitor Stations

Kiosks and Monitor stations are a great tool to lure traffic into your trade show space. Kiosks can help organize your products for people to easily see and monitors are like a live brochure with moving images. Check out some of our options below.

Large Monitor Stand for Trade Show Displays

Simple Monitor Mount Stand


Kiosk with Circular Header and Storage Space


Monitor Mount with Counter


Tension Fabric Large Monitor Stand

monitor mount kiosks

Monitor Kiosk with Literature or Promo Product Holder

charging kiosk

Charging Station Kiosk with Full Color Graphics

slat wall kiosks

Slatwall Kiosks for Any Point of Purchase Display


Charging Stations

Entice traffic with a charging station. Everyone needs to charge their phone or device at some point so why not provide a solution that helps keep people in your trade show booth longer?

charging table

Table Charging Station with Lit Perimeter

counter with charging station roxy

Podium with Charging Station and Storage

counter with charging station

Counter Charging Station

counter with ipad and charging station

Counter with iPad Holder and Charging Station


More Exhibit Accessories


Don’t forget your other accessories! Miriam Inc. has cases, tables, chairs, furniture, lights and much more! Also, have you thought about giving away a promotional product with your logo on it at your next event? We have hundreds of promotional items as well – take a look!


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