Klik Magnetic Display

Klik Magnetic Tension Fabric Display System

Showcasing your product at a trade show is easy with the Klik Magnetic Display system. With the combination of a light-weight tension fabric display and magnetic shelving, graphics and peg board, Klik makes displaying your product a breeze. The light-weight aluminum frame and accessories make this system portable so you can travel without the headache of large crates being dropped off at each show. With strong magnetic components, you can change your display configuration for each show. The versatility with this display is endless and available without holes in your backwall graphics! Side walls connect to the backwall by aligning the magnets and “Klik-ing” the display together.

Klik Magnetic Display S Arch Klik 10x20 Display with Sidewalls
Klik Magnetic Display

Backwalls 8′ x 10′

Flat Klik Backwall 8x10
Flat Backwall
Arch Klik Backwall 8x10
Arch Backwall
S Arch Klik Backwall 8x10
S Arch Backwall


Klik Shelves
Shelves: 23.5″ w x 10″ h x 8.25″ d
Klik Acrylic Double Shelf
Double Acrylic Shelf: 23.5″ w x 9.5″ h x 10″ d
Klik Peg Board
Peg Board: 23.5″ w x 46.25″ h
Klik Graphic Boards
Graphic Add-On
Small: 23.5″ w x 9.25″ h
Medium: 23.5″ w x 16.75″ h
Large: 23.5″ w x 31.75″ h
Klik Standees Double Sided
Standee: 36″ w x 72″ h x 18″ d