What’s Trending in Trade Shows – Part 4

For our last blog on “what’s trending in trade shows,” we are going to focus on a fan favorite with a new setup that offers a beautiful finishing touch: Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays.

Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays

As many seasoned trade show veterans know, tension fabric pop up displays are some of the easiest trade show booths in the sense of portability and ease of setup. Traditional tension fabric pop up displays have a large tension fabric graphic panel that is attached by Velcro to the edges of the display frame. It is stored with the graphics attached so all that is required for setup is to pop up the frame, secure the locking arms for stability and the fabric will be pulled taut by the frame – et voila, your display is up!


SEG or Push-Fit Graphic Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays

The newest trend in tension fabric pop up displays is SEG or push-fit graphics. This system takes the simplicity of the traditional pop up tension fabric frame and incorporates the high quality finish of SEG graphics. With the addition of channel bars on the frame, the graphic is now able to be pushed into place with the silicone edges making for a smooth clean finish.

seg tension fabric pop up display

3D Tension Fabric Pop Up Display

Another popular tension fabric pop up display is the 3D system. The 3D Tension Fabric Pop Up Display has individual graphics that attach to the hubs of the frame which allows you to attach from front to back or back to front to give the display dimension. This also allows for the ease of changing out individual graphics. Accessories for this type of display include shelving, monitor mounts and more! For more information, please see our 3D Tension Fabric Page or give us a call to discuss your vision and how we can help!



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