What's Trending in Trade Shows - Part 3

For the third subject in our four-part series on What’s Trending in Trade Show, we wanted to focus on a side of trade shows that often is overlooked: Kiosks.


With technology at the forefront of many trade show displays, why not use technology to your advantage? Use a charging station kiosk to lure traffic into your booth space. For a quick charge of their device, you’ll have a potential client’s undivided attention. From podiums to table with charging station, use this as a tactic to get people not only in your booth, but encourage them to stay awhile.

In addition to charging stations, tablets and iPads have made laptops a thing of the past. Showcase your website, software, app or other platform on a tablet or iPad with our secure, cord-hidden iPad / Tablet stands. You can stay as simple as just the stand itself or embellish the look and feel to a full on kiosk or workstation.


Do you have a product you want to show? Check out our many display case or point-of-purchase options available at our website or you can always contact one of our experts to help you at any time! We look forward to helping you stand out.