Dream Project

In the workforce there is always that “dream job”, but have you ever thought about that “dream project” or “dream client”?

One of our latest projects was truly a dream project with a beautiful outcome and happy client! While we cannot stress enough how much we enjoy each and every client, this one was special; the project was big and complicated, one we worked hard to land (bidding against other companies) and worked even harder to deliver a 100% custom display with many specific requirements.

As most new clients do, it started with an inquiry – Oxygen Lighting called and spoke with our owner, Miriam Weinstock many months in advance of the Lightfair Tradeshow scheduled for the beginning of May. After speaking with Miriam, we were sent renderings of the display Oxygen Lighting wanted to create.

20 x 20 trade show display concept renderings

We received the renderings and the process began to find the right manufacturer for the job. With over 30 years of experience and relationships with manufacturers all across the country we were able to find the right one for this unique project. We needed a skilled manufacturer that had the right combinations of materials. This booth would require special consideration to allow many lighting fixtures all to be lighted, the weight of the many lights combined and a material that would allow for a custom color. It required a sound sturdy structure – no tension fabric here. Also a project like this often requires I&D services (install and dismantle) which is another area we able to accommodate. Within a few weeks Miriam Inc. had provided a thorough estimate and was awarded the project with the approval to begin production on this 20’ x 20’ island display.

Trade Show exhibit booth concept Line Drawings

After the drawings were approved, it was time to achieve the client’s special needs and color to ensure the walls and ceiling would be able to house the lights and the color of the outside walls would be an exact Pantone color match. The color was changed to a bright magenta to match the client’s corporate colors and to stand out in the crowd. It sure did make a statement!

concept trade show display booth updated renderings

The outcome was a display that stood out and made a bold statement at the Lightfair Tradeshow.

“A successful project must have good design, good engineering and most importantly excellent execution. I was very lucky to find Miriam Inc. to help me bring to life a challenging project that required each of these steps plus a constant communication. Miriam’s willingness to participate in the whole process made her company unique and highly recommendable. Oxygen show at Lightfair New York was a complete success!”
- Fernando Duque, Oxygen

Final complete custom trade show display booth

This project was amazing along with a client whom we very much would love to collaborate with again in the future.

Are you thinking of a custom display? Contact us today and we’ll help you design the right display within your budget!

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